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Tylecoden paniculatus

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A very old specimen of Tylecoden paniculatus in flower in the Richtersveld. Plants can reach over 6' in height, making them the largest of the Tylecoden family. They grow in Southwest Africa, ranging from Capetown in the south to the mountains around Aus, Namibia in the north. Local farmers routinely eradicate this plant because their cattle will sometimes eat it during periods of extreme drought. Although not highly poisonous, it can cause gastrointestinal distess if consumed in large enough quantities.

A nice specimen in the ground in Rainbow. This 3' tall plant was grown from nursery seed and is about 10 years old. Tylecoden paniculatus is a deciduous summer grower that seems to tolerate a wide variety of soils, from sandy to very rocky. It makes a good landscaping succulent.