September 26 , 2010

The push to get the new greenhouse up and running is finally behind us and we can work at finishing off the details at a more leisurely pace. All of the tables are set up and both of the endwalls covered. We made the screened windows as large as possible to maximize ventilation. Like the sides, they will be covered by roll-ups during the winter. A future door frame sits askew in its jamb (for fitting).

Meanwhile, the tables and benches inside are already about half full- with almost 1/4 of the seedlings still not potted up! Petra plans to put down even more seed (winter growers) in the next few weeks, but thank goodness those babies will spend their childhood outside and not in here. Below, Petra and Amalia try to establish some order among the chaotic settlers.

Above is a north facing panorama that shows pretty much the entire annex area. The fence on the left frames our renters' back yards. That coppice of oak trees will hopefully soon provide a cozy nest for our house trailer, and we'll finally have a second bedroom! Our next project will be to erect 12'-wide shade structures on the south (facing us) and east sides of the new greenhouse- for those aforementioned winter-growing babies. Part of these structures will be covered with Lexan. At the north end of the greenhouse, we plan to set up a covered work area. That shed in the background, currently the comfy home of spiders and mice, will be purged and reorganized to store the small pots and other stuff needed for potting seedlings.

A view from the front of the office/motel looking east with the plants framing the patio on the left.

The shade level is pretty much the way Petra wants it to look now.