August 30, 2009


The weather has remained scorching hot, which has continued to sap our energy and cut our work days short. Nevertheless, there is some progress to report. Virtually all of the big plants are on site now and many have been put in the ground in Petra's front landscaping. We're waiting for our tractor pro to find the time to grade the 20' x 250' parkway, then a lot more will go in.

A view of the shade structure level with the framed-up ground beds in the background. We put in an electric line down the length of the greenhouse and plan to install air circulation fans within the next week or two.

Petra's work area (for potting, etc.) at the south end of the shade structure level is now pretty much set up. She added an extra layer of shade cloth to protect against the unremitting rays of the sun. We brought an extension cord up from the south end of the greenhouse, so she can now plug in a fan (mostly to keep the nasty gnats at bay) and her satellite radio. She's all set!

Ground beds seem to evoke almost magical powers for plant people. Petra was so anxious to get plants in her new beds that she got on it as soon as I had finished putting up the superstructure. The beds were leveled, wire cloth laid across the bottom, special dirt ordered and loaded into the beds and shade cloth stretched across the frame. Unfortunately, she ran out of time and was able to get only one bed planted before our weekly sojourn ended. It's a safe bet what she's going to be doing down on the farm first thing this week!

Petra waters the avocado trees out back of the no-tell motel. This is her R&R in the late afternoon when it becomes too hot to work.