August 29 , 2010

Well, we did it. The shade cloth went up without incident and it fit like a glove. The fans are all in and they are working properly with the controls. The inflator fan is installed and already doing its job. In short, we were finally ready to start moving plants in, which we did on Sunday. Here Brian, Pedro and Miguel do the legwork of transferring all of those flats. Rusty is confused about what his guard duties are in this situation.

The transfer went quickly and didn't take up as much space as I expected. However, Petra assures me that the place will be almost half full once all of the seedlings are potted up. That tubey thing on the left is the inflator fan assembly.

This view of the south half of the "kindergarten" shows the section that's completed. Two of the seven center tables (behind the camera) still have not been built. Along with the fans, this greenhouse is equipped with lights and outlets along its entire length. After finishing the tables, we'll put up screen along the east (left) side and close up the ends with Lexan and more screen. That'll do it for the time being. The doors and roll-ups can be put off until the weather starts to turn. In any case, there's already plenty of room for Petra's current needs. Now Amalia can begin the work of potting up all of the thousands of seedlings that are rapidly outgrowing their flats,