July 5 , 2010

The weather has remained remarkably temperate through June. Fully expecting July to usher in the stifling heat of last summer, we covered the patio with shade cloth and put up misters around the perimeter, but so far those measures have been unnecessary. We don't expect our luck to last.

The new planting facing the entryway is starting to shape up. The curroris have survived the transplant and are showing their gratitude by erupting into full bloom.

All of the summer growers seem to love Rainbow! They're doing their thing now.

Anticipating her new greenhouse, Petra has been putting down a ton of seed, with very good results so far. Even some of the seed she had been saving for years is germinating. We had a problem with mice (or something) pulling up some of the babies- but not eating them, so probably looking for pendant seeds. Everything small enough to be attractive to our nocturnal visitors is now covered with screen.

The new 74' x 24' greenhouse is well on its way. These roll-formed rafters and purlins from Conleys are easier to deal with than the tubing that Farmtec provided with the other greenhouse. We'll probably be ready to sling poly and shade cloth toward the end of this month and start moving in the babies shortly thereafter. Electric service should be extended over by next week and this time we'll install the fans BEFORE the poly is on. Last time up on that scaffolding under the poly and summer heat, we cooked.

We finally have enough of the weeds cleared from the parkway to be willing to put pictures up on this site. At least you can see the plantings now. Most of the 500' length now has its residents in place and more will come in as Petra's schedule permits. It doesn't look like much yet, but give it a couple of years......

A view of the main greenhouse in all of its glory!

A view of the shade structure level as it now looks. Petra plans to put a couple of rows of big planter boxes down the center- when she finds time.

A panoramic view of the main nursery area from atop the scaffolding next to the new greenhouse. The plan is to terrace the slopes above and below the shade structure level and fill them with landscaping plants that need to be grown on for an extended period. Alas, work is never done on the farm!