May 17, 2009


In two weeks, great progress has been made. A 20'x20' shade structure is up and finished on the upper pad, replete with 8 benches with oak tops! To the left, the frame to a second 20'x20' structure is also up, but we probably won't do anything with that in the near future.

Paul cools off under the luxury of 50% shade. Initially this structure will serve as a staging area as Petra moves plants over from the old greenhouse to the new one.

The hoops go up on the 96'x30' hoophouse. By the end of the weekend, all 25 hoops were in place and 3 of the 4 purlins secured. We'll be "slinging plastic" in 2 weeks!

We created this little patio rest area under a friendly oak tree down on the southeast corner of the "farm." This will afford some relief against the 100+ temperatures of the hoophouse. That's an almond tree in the foreground.