May 3, 2009


Escrow finally closed on March 17. To set up Petra's new 3/4-acre "farm," we first had to get the nurseryman to clear his palms off of that part of the property, which took some time. In the interum, we fixed up the "No-tell Motel," adding a twin bed, counter, fridge, microwave and, of course, a coffee maker. Petra now has a cozy place to stay when she's "down on the farm." We also converted the 22'x24' RV port into a storage shed/workshop, which wound up being quite a job.

Here, Paul and Lorenzo are working on the sliding doors to the shed.

The finished shed and "No-tell" Motel (with Sasha).

We had a pro with a dozer come in and grade the bottom (eastern) half of the parcel. He did a beautiful job, creating two pads, each roughly 30' wide by 100' long, with roads running along both ends. The lower pad will have a 96'x30' hoop house erected on it and the upper pad will have two 20'x20' shade structures and whatever else Petra decides to put there.

This will be our view out of the north door of the greenhouse.

In clearing the palms off of the farm, we uncovered two beautiful boulders down near the bottom. Petra loves rocks (especially massive, unwieldy ones) and was insistent that they be relocated up the hill to frame the entranceway. They are granite and even heavier than we expected.