October 24, 2011

Despite erratic weather, this summer has been good to us. The plants thrive in the salubrious climate of Rainbow and everybody is growing like mad. We;ve suffered very few losses since moving down here, which is remarkable given a family of plants that has a reputation for being finicky and subject to sudden inexplicable death (Come on. You all know what we mean.) Petra's notorious green thumb must play a big part in that. With major infrastructure complete (for now), Paul is not coming down every weekend anymore, so the pace of new construction has slowed down. The focus is now on maintenance and sales, so if you're in the area, do come visit us! We'd love to show you around!

The plantings up front are beginning to fill out after a year and a half in the ground. That's our neighbor's orange grove in the background.

The Aloe bed has been in the longest, but it has some of the slowest growing species, so.... That yellow card on the pole is one of many insect traps put up by the county Ag people more than a year ago. They're on the lookout for "Glassy Winged Sharpshooters," which we had never heard of before. The little buggers are not known to favor our type of plants and so far we've come up clean.

A different view of the Cyphostemma bed with outdoor nursery stock in the foreground.

The ground beds have proven such a success that Petra decided to add a second row of them under the Lexane on the east side of the kinderhaus. The framing of this 53' long row of new beds (pictured on the right) is now complete and half of the 4'x4' boxes are already lined with heavy screen and filled with soil. The older row of beds (pictured above) has been fitted with a new Lexane roof to replace the problematic poly that used to shield it from our winter rains.

Above and below are two views of the inside of the kinderhaus, giving a rough idea of the variety of plants that are being grown here. The contents have been thinned out quite a bit by summer sales, but there are a lot of flats from the current seedling crop still to be potted up and I'm sure the space will be filled to capacity again soon enough.

A view of the south end of the kinderhaus and a part of Petra's private collection.