October 2,  2011

Late summer is one of our favorite seasons down on the farm. It's a time when all of the summer growers are still fully leafed out, and most of the winter growers are already beginning to show their first new growth. The whole place is green and alive! The weather this summer has been cool and somewhat erratic and many plants were not altogether happy about that. Some came out of hibernation later than usual, while others were less inclined to set seed than in past years. Overall, though, the plants have done quite well.

This view gives a broad overlook of the part of our nursery land that has been developed, framed by the picturesque hills surrounding Rainbow Valley. On the left is the central ground planting with the outdoor growing area to the right and behind that. Next on the right is a 100' long "shady lane" of mixed structures with the round top of the main greenhouse peeking out above and behind. The kinderhaus is directly behind the tall aloe in the orange pot.

Another view of the outdoor growing area, looking southeast.

A better view of the central ground planting with its big cyphostemmas fully leafed out.

One aisle of the outdoor growing area, looking south.

Petra discusses plant husbandry with a customer on shady lane.

Half of the terracing between shady lane and the big greenhouse is completed and Petra has already filled most of it with plants. By the time we have finished building this row of terraces and another series planned for the other side of shady lane, she'll be able to put almost four times this many plants in the ground. The whole idea is to grow these species on for a couple of years until they become big enough for landscaping applications. We're now on heightened gopher watch!

Petra proudly shows off her new ground plantings— and her "mama's boy" Rusty.

Construction of the new ground beds along the east side of the kinderhaus is proceeding slowly, but deliberately. They should be finished sometime later this month, more than doubling our raised planting space.

The shaded area north of the kinderhaus is all finished, except for one tabletop at the far end. That's a small lemon tree to the left and large walnut tree in the background.