1907 Camino Rainbow

Fallbrook, CA  92028

In March 2009, Paul and Petra purchased a 3.9 acre property in Rainbow Valley, a suburb of Fallbrook on the east side of Interstate 15 about 5 miles south of Temecula. Rainbow is hardly a town – more a concentration of nurseries in a small valley nestled among the hills at 1050' elevation. Our property is situated at the south end of the valley surrounded by picturesque boulder-strewn peaks, especially to the north and east. It lies on a quiet cul-de-sac in a flat area with slight drainage to the east. To the south and west of us the land drops off sharply, with good drainage all the way down to the San Luis Rey River. There was a duplex on site, which we counted on renting out to help pay for this adventure. The rest of the property was leased out to a nurseryman, who used the land to grow potted palms that are watered from our private well!

We have continued to rent out most of the property for nursery use, but began pursuing our own dreams by clearing out the small 0.70 acre parcel at the south end of the property (the area south of the duplex), where Petra's nursey would be built. You can follow the saga of our nursery's development though the UPDATES link off of our home page.

The photos below, which were all taken around the time escrow closed, provide us with a reminder of just how far we have come!

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A rainy day view looking north up the street from in front of the duplex.

A rainy day view looking north up the center of the property from a spot northeast of the duplex.

A view of the duplex looking north.

A view of the duplex looking south.

A view looking north from the south property line. This south parcel has a small office (with toilet and sink!) which will give Petra a place to sleep, as well as a large RV port, which we plan to convert to a storage/workshop shed. The south unit of the duplex is visible directly behind the RV port.

A view looking south from beside the office. This little plot is the future home of Rare Succulents.

A view (looking north) of the area behind the duplex.

A view looking east from a point just north of the duplex.

A view of the center of the nursery area looking south. Those blue pots in the background are the well.

A view from the northeast corner of the property looking south. The duplex is in the far background.